RT Demo

RT (Request Tracker) is an free and open source help desk, customer service and bug tracking system developed by Best Practical. It is very mature and has beenin use for over 10 years. It has quite a list of features including:

  • Mobile interface
  • Dashboards
  • SLA support
  • Time-tracking
  • Self-service interface
  • SSO support
  • Supports encrypted email
  • Articles and canned answers

Technology stack

  • Linux or other UNIX-like OS
  • DB: MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL databases
  • Web Server: Apache, nginx, lighttpd
  • All web browsers



RT Demos

OpenDemo.org provides an online web demo of RT as well as several other open source helpdesk applications. Try them all out at once by signing up:

Or you can visit the Best Practical website.

Download RT

After evaluating RT you may want to download and install it on your own machine. You can get it here.