Redmine demo

Redmine is an open source free project management and issue tracking application. It is developed using Ruby on rails and supports several platforms and databases. Redmine’s features include:

  • Multi-project support
  • gantt chart
  • roles
  • calendar
  • email notifications
  • wiki and forums
  • source code integration
  • custom fields
  • multi-language support

Technology used

  • Ruby (1.8.7 +)
  • Rails 3.2.13
  • MySQL (5.0 +) /MS SQL (2008 +)/PostgreSQL (8.2 +) databases
  • web browsers – all



Redmine Demos hosts an web demo of Redmine along with a few other open source issue tracking software applications. You can try them all out with a single signup:

Or you can visit where they also host an demo online (here).

Download Redmine

After evaluating Redmine, if you wish to install it, you can download it here.