Mantis Demo

Mantis is a free and open source bug tracker. It is implemented in PHP, is mature, and has quite a list of features including:

  • supports projects, sub-projects and categories
  • custom fields
  • roadmaps
  • email notifications
  • attachments
  • time tracking
  • twitter integration
  • mobile

Technology stack

  • PHP
  • MySQL/MS SQL/PostgreSQL databases
  • Can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and others
  • web browsers – all



Mantis Demos hosts an online demo of Mantis along with several other open source issue tracking systems. You can try them all out at once by signing up here:

Or you can visit the Mantis website where they also host an online demo (here).

Download Mantis

If after evaluating mantis you wish to install it on your own server, you can download it from here.