Bugzilla demo

Bugzilla is an open source defect tracking system developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It is implemented in PERL and is quite mature. Features include:

  • attachments and comments
  • custom fields
  • reporting and charts
  • integrated email
  • user preferences and profiles
  • saved seaches
  • good security
  • high performance and scalability

Technology stack

  • Perl (5.10.1 +)
  • MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL databases
  • Apache (2.2 +) or IIS (7 +)
  • all web browsers


Mozilla Public License

Bugzilla Demos

OpenDemo.org provides an online web demo of bugzilla as well as multiple open source issue tracking systems. Try them all out at once by signing up:

Or you can visit the Bugzilla website where they also host an online demo (here).

Download Bugzilla

If after evaluating Bugzilla you wish to install it on your own server, you can download it from here.